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ENVIROWORLD CONSULTING, LLC offers services that will help your organization's productivity, compliance, and overall employee attitudes and safe work practices.  We will help you with environmental compliance and cleanup of contamination.  We perform Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments for Real Estate transfers. 
  1. Soil and Groundwater Sampling
    We will conduct a contaminated soil investigation for petroleum, PCB's, and other contaminates of soil and groundwater.
    PAST CLIENTS: Since 1993 we have performed hundreds of Phase I Real Estate Environmental Assessments throughout the midwest. We have helped numerous, banks with their real estate transactions and industry and contruction companies set up world class safety cultures that comply with OSHA regs. We have aided sites in underground gasoline/oil storage tank regulatory compliance. Additionally, we perform industrial hygiene air monitoring, noise sampling, soil and groundwater sampling.
  2. Industrial Hygiene Air and Noise Sampling
    We will perform air monitoring for personal exposures to airborne contaminates and noise exposures.
    Miscellaneous services: Industrial Hygiene Ergonomics - Engineering Sick Building Syndrome-Mold Inspections-Lead Paint Sampling-Radon Testing-Asbestos Inspections-Silica Dust Sampling-Noise Sampling- EPA Compliance-SPCC PLANS-Underground Storage Tank Removal Environemntal Site Characterization Contaminated Soil CleanUp Development and submission of your Hazardous Materials Business Plan Chemical inventory and hazardous waste analyses customized for your business All EPA-required annual reports and permits for performing regulated work or work with regulated hazardous materials Waste stream analyses and storm water discharge analyses Air monitoring Air operating permits Tier I and II reports And more ...
  3. OSHA Training - 10 Hour and 30 Hour Course
    SUPERVISOR AND MANAGER SAFETY LEADERSHIP COURSE (A new course developed to build a positive safety culture offered in 12 sessions that took a large company from 4 times the national average in accidents, to a reduction of 50% in accidents one year later). This course works for all size companies and will also increase morale, productivity, OSHA compliance, and reduce workers comp insurance premiums.
  4. Temporary Site Safety Manager
    Let us manage your on site safety and OSHA compliance. We will work to develop a positive safety culture within supervision and workers.
    We can serve as your onsite OSHA Safety and Environmental Coordinator saving you thousands of dollars. We are available 24/7 and will come to your site and manage your safety and environmental program in compliance with OSHA and EPA, saving you thousands of dollars in not having to hire a full time safety and environmental person. Our approach to helping you save money and prevent losses is the way of the future, and we can reduce your operating costs through a positive approach in getting all workers to step up and be leaders.
Terry D. Carroll, CET, MS, is the lead consultant offering years of environmental and safety experience.  He supervised a major superfund environmental remediation project in Chicago.  Served as a federal OSHA inspector and regional safety and health manager in the 1980's, and as a corporate safety and environmental manager in the 1990's.  And has owned his own consulting company since 1993.  He holds a masters degree in safety and is an EP "Environmental Professional" under ASTM standards.