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Since its inception in 1993, Enviroworld Consulting has been providing superior services and consulting assistance to clients in all aspects of the environmental and safety field. Headquartered in Washington, MO, Enviroworld is a privately owned, full-service environmental and safety consulting firm dedicated to serving industry needs. 
We will provide a thorough on site MOCK OSHA inspection of your facility(s).  As a former federal OSHA inspector we will provide the experience to protect your organization from unnecessary OSHA fines and negative publicity.  A top priority of OSHA is enforcement of Lockout Tagout procedures.  We will write your procedures, post your instructions, and train workers.
We will provide accurate air monitoring for contamination such as silica dust, welding fumes, hazardous chemicals, etc.  We will also provide Noise monitoring.  
Meeting your business needs.

Today's business leaders  face many challenges and obstacles.  Enviroworld Consulting, LLC, will help  you develop a positive safety culture of teamwork, OSHA compliance, and accident prevention.  Eliminate your worry and build employee attitudes of cooperation and productivity.

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PCB Environmental  Cleanups
Enviroworld just completed a major EPA environmental cleanup involving remediating PCB contaminated soil.  PCB contamination cleanup can be challenging dueto the nature of PCB's. Callus to discuss your project.
Underground Storage Tanks
Enviroworld just completed removal of underground storage tanks in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations.  We will save you money on removal and closure of your tank site. Our team is certified to remove and replace UST's.
In today's competitive business community you must have a "positive safety culture".
Safety and OSHA Compliance
Let us conduct a MOCK OSHA inspection of your facility and provide confidential recommendations. Enviroworld just successfully completed training of over 450 employees on OSHA complaince and building a positive safety culture.  Employees will be team oriented and cooperate in daily activities for improved production and attitudes.  Call us! We will do the same for your location(s).
What is a safety culture?  It is how people perform their jobs when no one is watching.  Enviroworld will help your organization develop a positive safety culture so that no matter what task is being performed, safety will be considered. All employees will go the extra mile for everyone's safety.  We will build a team of cooperation and productivity.  Give us a call to discuss your challenges:  
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Enviroworld Consulting, LLC  will work with your locations to build a uniform level of positive safety cooperation and productivity.
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